Beautiful Connecticut-Made Soaps



Beautiful natural soaps made in the Connecticut River Valley, it’s a hostess gift all set to go. The soaps are scented with 100% natural essential and frangrance oils. In order to use these you must unwind and relax a bit, and that’s a good thing.


4 Responses to Beautiful Connecticut-Made Soaps

  • Lori LeBlanc says:

    Thanks Ann! Check out our soaps at Annie Mame shop near the shore in Madison, CT. Ann supports Connecticut small business and entrepreneurs, making the community stronger and more united.

  • Mary C. says:

    I have tried Doss soaps not only are they beautifully unique they make your skin feel great. I will definitely stop by to check out your shop. I love supporting local artists and business as well.

  • Ann Nyberg says:

    Mary, thanks I have her ocean soap in my bathroom and I love how it smells too.

  • Andrea Hardy says:

    I have tried several of the soaps from Doss Soaps and have found them to be smooth and fragrant and relaxing to use. They don’t leave a film on my body like other soaps can and having them be all natural is an added bonus. I definitely recommend trying Doss Soaps!

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