Rhinestone Headbands

IMG_7369These are beautiful for little girls and big girls, rhinestone headbands for a wedding, a prom, even to wear with jeans. These are made by Elaine who also makes all the little girl tutus for Annie Mame. Now we’re thinking about making rhinestone garters too. No end to all the cools things being thought of and made in Connecticut.


  • Loyalty Ferrara June 22, 2014

    I saw one of your headbands and would love to be able to find it somewhere…it was ivory with a flat feather and a brooch which would fit a five-year-old. I had seen it at Domestic Possessions in Madison, but recently only saw one in lavender there. If you would be so kind I would appreciate finding one for my grandaughter to wear in her Aunt’s wedding! Thank you!

  • Ann Nyberg June 22, 2014

    Help is on the way….getting more in the shop right away!

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