Mason Jar Love

225098_420837921319881_168434215_nIt doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing a mason jar will stop me in my tracks. Why? Because it represents the simplest of times. They are used for canning, for holding things, as vases, a million different things, a kind of “Mayberry” feeling. I found an artist who is painting them in chalky colors which makes them very shabby chic looking and I couldn’t help myself, I had to have these for Annie Mame. A whole wedding in these, be still my heart!


  • nancy March 05, 2014

    As a rustic wedding venue, I love all of your items!!!!!! I can’t wait to visit! The antique masons are such a treasure….with a little bit of rust around the tops and maybe even an original wire hanger! Keep up the search for your treasures….we have some in our town of New Milford if you would ever come for a great hunt! Our barn is full of hunted treasures!

  • Cubby June 05, 2014

    These jars look fabulous! I love the use of old for now! Inspiring!c

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